The U.S./IHD program: The half-way mark



The Mid-Decade Conference, which will be held in Paris December 8–16, 1969, will bring together in plenary sessions representatives of the 105 nations participating in the International Hydrological Decade. The purpose of the Mid-Decade Conference is three-fold: to review the work accomplished during the first half of the Decade; to prepare proposals for future work during the Decade and to suggest possible changes in direction in the program; and to exchange views on the long-term plan of action in the field of international hydrology. It is appropriate at this time to review the U.S. program of participation in the Decade and to take a look at what should be the scope of Decade activity in the United States during the Decade's remaining five years.

In general, on-going programs in the United States have been sources of new ideas and much information that are applicable to the objectives of the Decade. However, the U.S./IHD program of new or accelerated efforts has been able to accomplish only a small part of what it had originally hoped to do. But what it has accomplished has been useful in maintaining contact and continuity with the international activities of the Decade program and in providing leadership and participation in specific domestic activities. Before summarizing accomplishments of the U.S./IHD program it is useful to highlight the objectives and mechanics of the International Hydrological Decade.