Water films (Canada)


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The Secretariat of the Canadian National Committee has published a booklet entitled Water Films. This booklet is a listing of films concerning different aspects of water—from hydraulics and conservation to the nature of water itself. Subject-matter groupings are as follows: Hydrology; Meteorology; Ground Water; Snow and Ice; Glaciology; Geomorphology; Hydraulics; Water Quality (including Pollution and Desalination); Conservation (including Soil and Water, Flood Control, Erosion, Land Reclamation, and Irrigation); Oceanography; and Hydroelectric Projects.

Information includes film titles, a brief description of the film, and addresses and information about whether the films may be obtained by loan, rental, or purchase. The Canadian National Committee for the IHD, at No. 8 Building, Room G-31, Carling Avenue, Ottawa 1, Canada, can provide further information.