We were glad to gather from the July 1969 issue of EOS (page 478), that our Mexican Colleagues have established a full graduate program in geophysics at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and we feel that they are certainly to be congratulated for this initiative.

We believe, however, that the readers of EOS may be interested in learning that contrary to what is stated in your note, this is not the first graduate course in geophysics in Latin America. In fact, a regular graduate course in geophysics has been existing in this country at the Instituto Superior del Observatorio Astronómico (which is part of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata), since May 1948. This is one of the two branches of studies at the Observatorio de La Plata, the other being astronomy. Graduates receive the title of ‘Geophysicist,’ which is the equivalent to Licenciado, after five years of training in mathematics, physics, and the main subjects of geophysics, including gravity and tides, seismology, geomagnetism, meteorology, and exploration geophysics.