Symposium on the Hydrology of Glaciers: Cambridge, England, September 3”5, 1969


  • Mark F. Meier


The Symposium on the Hydrology of Glaciers, held at Cambridge, England, September 3–5, 1969, was highly successful for at least 3 reasons: (1) The arrangements were flawless, and the schedule was adhered to closely so that one knew at all times just what was going on; (2) some extremely good and original papers were given, and these reflected interdisciplinary approaches; and (3) discussion was often outstanding, partly because outspoken and iconoclastic critics such as Peter Wolf (hydrologist from London) and Charles Frank (physicist from Bristol) were at hand to keep the pot boiling. The general level of quality of papers was high.

The membership was well balanced by discipline and by nationality. Besides the host country, the largest delegation was from Canada, followed closely by the Soviet Union, and in fourth place, the Americans! The Alpine and Scandinavian countries were well represented, as was the far east (Australia and Japan) and Eastern Europe (Poland, Czechoslovakia, Rumania).