New oceanographic facilities


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The Regents of the University of California have approved a proposal by Scripps Institution of Oceanography calling for construction of an $18.6 million experimental inshore oceanographic facility.

The Regents in their approval stipulated that non-state funds would have to be used for both the building and the operation of the facility. Although no funds are presently available to the project, there appears to be a strong probability of future federal funding. It is proposed that the new facilities will extend a half mile into the Pacific off the Scripps Campus in La Jolla as a manmade island. The design provides for on-scene laboratories for special work in biology, physics, and geology; fish storage tanks at appropriate levels; and a harbor for small to medium sized research vessels. A study has indicated that the facility would serve as a tie uniting the advantages of deep water close to shore a major university with a faculty whose function includes both teaching and research, a medical school that is rapidly developing but is still flexible, and an oceanographic institution that operates land and floating facilities, which, combined with the proposed island, would make possible the strongest conceivable interdisciplinary research program. It is anticipated that this combination will make it possible to undertake a broad basic program on problems on man and the sea, not only of how to get him there and back but how to enable him to work effectively and for a long time anywhere on the continental shelf or slope.