Reaction to directory



I just received my copy of the January issue with the Directory of Members of AGU. After thumbing it I sat down to write, protesting my exclusion. Then I found my name in the geographical part—California, Los Angeles. Then I went to the 1967 Directory and then back to the new one. I found that you have given me and others new surnames, in my case ‘Harris Jr.,’ and have not listed me and others in the regular place as their proper surnames require. The name of my family is ‘Harris’ and has been so used in records for fourteen generations. None of us have taken legal action, least of all myself, to change it. My work and name are properly listed under ‘Harris’ in domestic and foreign literature and bibliographies, as also in American Men of Science. The proper method of listing names when arranged in alphabetical order is ‘Jones, W. J., Jr.’