New NSF programs


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The National Science Foundation has outlined two new programs, the International Decade of Ocean Exploration and The Arctic Research Program, for which it will have lead agency responsibilities. Plans were revealed by T. O. Jones, Acting Deputy Assistant Director for national and international programs, in testimony presented to the Subcommittee on Science, Research and Development, Committee on Science and Astronautics, House of Representatives. NSF is requesting $15 million for IDOE and $2 million for the Arctic Research Program in fiscal year 1971.

Jones pointed out that the goals of IDOE are directed toward practical problems that affect man, and that the first year's efforts will be concentrated factors that will help man predict modifications in the oceans, whether caused by nature or by man himself; (2) Investigation of specific oceanic areas with special attention to food chains and pollutants; (3) Studies of selected areas of the ocean bottom to facilitate location of natural resources and to improve our knowledge of the sea floor.