Education in Forest Hydrology in the United States


  • William E. Sopper

    1. School of Forest Resources and Staff Hydrologist for the Institute for Research on Land and Water Resources, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania
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The first survey of formal instruction in forest hydrology, forest watershed management, and forest influences was made in 1953 by Dils [1954]. This survey was updated in April 1956 and published as part of the Society of American Foresters, Division of Watershed Management committee report on the training of men in forest hydrology and watershed management [ Wilm et al., 1957]. It appeared again in 1960 in a report by Dils on the status of educational programs in watershed management [ Dils, 1960]. As of 1960 Dils reported that 18 of the 28 accredited forestry schools and 2 of the non-accredited forestry schools offered one or more professional courses dealing with watershed management under a variety of titles, including water resource management, watershed analysis, forest influences, and forest hydrology.