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Current Status of U.S. Part of the IFYGL Program


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Congress authorized $200,000 to implement the U.S. part of the IFYGL program in fiscal year 1970. The Corps of Engineers, which has lead agency responsibility for the federal interest in the program, has been authorized to request $500,000 for fiscal year 1971. It is heartening to report that the Corps now has some funds to initiate the Field Year, but considerable reprogramming is required because these sums are considerably short of the estimates of program costs made by the Steering Committee for the IFYGL. The 1970 allocation is roughly 15 percent of what was originally recommended for FY 1970, and the $500,000 is about 25 percent of what was recommended for FY 1971. The total U.S. side of the program has been estimated to cost about $7,000,000 through 1975.