Highlights of the Council Meeting April 19, 1970


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International Participation. Secretary for International Participation Malone summarized the proposal for the reorganization of IUGG, URSI, and IUCSTP. Proposed structure involves nine associations in three groups: Radio Physics, Geomagnetism and Aeronomy, Geodesy, Seismology and Volcanology, Meteorology, and Oceanography and Hydrology. Two arrangements are possible. In the first the present union would be replaced by one union (International Union for the Physical Environment or International Union for the Physics of the Environment), and in the second by a federation of unions (electromagnetism and aeronomy as one union, geodesy and physics of the solid-earth as another, and the physics of the atmosphere and oceans as a third ). Such consolidation would, it is thought, be accompanied by the dissolution of the IUCSTP at the end of the IASY, provided that its responsibilities could be taken over by the new structure.