New oceanographic vessel at CUNY


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The City University of New York's first oceanographic research ship, the Atlantic Twin, was commissioned in July. The 90-foot twin engine catamaran, which has a range of 4000 miles and a speed of 10 knots, is designed to operate as a laboratory at sea for 200 graduate and undergraduate students and the 25-member faculty of CUNY's oceanography program. The Atlantic Twin has a capacity for carrying two container laboratories and a multi-winch system for depth operations.

The vessel will enable students and faculty to explore more fully the problems relating to pollution of New York City's harbor and estuaries. Most of the research projects currently underway or planned for the future begin with the identification of pollutants and proceed to attempts to find a profitable means for re-cycling the contaminated matter, or eliminating it entirely. Biology, geology, biochemistry, and physics are all involved in this action- and solution-oriented approach to ecological research. The Atlantic Twin is more than a laboratory and work place for oceanographic studies, it represents the university's expanded commitment to serving as a prime ecological resource for the city.