Satellite infrared radiation system measures global sea surface temperatures


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A number of reports have been published in recent years indicating that sea surface temperatures over rather limited areas, such as the Gulf Stream, can be obtained from satellite infrared measurements. The use of available infrared satellite data for the determination of accurate sea surface temperatures, taking into consideration the various attenuating factors, especially that of cloud cover, has awaited the development and testing of an objective method that lends itself to analysis by computer techniques. Such a simple and reliable statistical histogram model has been perfected to meet this need by W.L. Smith, P.K. Rao, R. Koffler and W.R. Curtis of the National Environmental Satellite Center (ESSA) as reported in Monthly Weather Review, Vol. 98, No. 8, August 1970. The method involves inferring the distribution of surface radiances for the clear atmosphere case from observed histograms of generally cloud-contaminated radiances.