Interdisciplinary Program in Engineering Meteorology


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A Bachelor of Science degree program in general engineering, with strong curriculum support in atmospheric sciences, has been developed at the University of Oregon by John Campbell, Head of General Engineering, and Wendell Hewson, Chairman of Atmospheric Sciences. Campbell and Hewson feel that interdisciplinary curricula are a logical, approach to making university students knowledgeable in the areas of today's crucial problems. This program in engineering meteorology is designed to help prepare students to cope with problems of air pollution in our technological society.

The engineering curriculum coordinates the physical and mathematical science background, the social sciences, the engineering sciences, and the senior analysis and design program. The Department of Atmospheric Sciences provides courses and counseling for the meteorological part of the program, which amounts to approximately 20% of the 204 quarter-hour graduation requirement. This is one of the more promising of a number of interdisciplinary options offered in the General Engineering program.