Waldo Smith responds



It is my feeling that the members, officers, and staff of AGU are fully aware of the important role, both national and international, that AGU has played in the development of geophysics. Many of the foundation stones are found in the early Transactions, especially in the issues of the 30's. I feel that many are also aware of the importance of taking a broad view of the physical processes of the entire earth and recognize the increasing number of relationships between and among the various fields of geophysics. A large percentage of geophysical scientists and technologists are, at least in the earlier years of their careers, concerned with only one or perhaps two specific areas of research, and thus they become known as geodesists, seismologists, meteorologists, geomagneticians, … , and carry those designations, rather than the designation of geophysicist, throughout their lives. As a result the natural tendency is to fragmentize geophysics.