The WMO Commission for Hydrometeorology (CHy) recommended in September 1968 that a conference be convened to discuss a number of international questions that have impact on national hydrological services as well as on the meteorological services. The WMO Executive Committee concurred in this recommendation and decided that the Conference should consider: a. The manner in which to supplement the WMO Technical Regulations to include the present responsibilities of WMO in the field of hydrology so as to best serve the needs of both meteorological and hydrological services; b. The draft chapter of WMO Technical Regulations that deals with hydrometeorology and includes topics on hydrometry; c. The ways in which the World Weather Watch can be planned and developed so as to be of maximum benefit to hydrological services of members, particularly in the field of hydrological forecasting; and, d. The ways in which WMO should strengthen its efforts in carrying out its present responsibilities in the field of hydrology as defined by the fifth WMO Congress.