SEAMAP geophysical data available


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The first of ten magnetic tapes of geophysical data resulting from SEAMAP (Systematic Exploration and Mapping Program) is now available from NOAA's Environmental Data Service. This initial tape contains gravimetric, magnetic, and bathymetric data for a region in the Pacific bounded by longitudes 155°W and 165°W and latitudes 24°N and 30°N.

NOAA's SEAMAP efforts are designed to determine and describe the physical properties and processes relating to the crust, mantle, and core with particular emphasis upon the deep ocean basins. From 1961 through 1969 the Coast and Geodetic Survey (now the National Ocean Survey) conducted extensive geophysical surveys in the north Pacific. Under contract to NOS, the Marine Sciences Institute of the University of Connecticut is evaluating these data, which were processed by various NOAA components, and is preparing contoured maps and data tapes.