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The DK 06 Multi-Dekameter measures the dielectric loss and dielectric constant of any sample, with the highest accuracy, using a built-in generator that can be continuously varied from 100 kc to Mc. Dielectric constant determinations over the range of 1 to 90 can be made, using any of a variety of water jacketed sample holding cells suitable for organic as well as inorganic compounds in liquid, paste, sheet, granulate, or film state. Special cells are available for immersion method analyses of foils (ASTM D 1531 59T) or powders. Dielectric constant measurements are based on the heterodyne beat system, with tuning indication by a built-in oscilloscope and synchronization reading from a 4000 division condenser scale, while the dielectric loss is obtained by the difference substitution technique. Moisture analyses, as well as determinations of oxidation, polymerization, distillation, and other chemical processes can be easily accomplished.

For further information concerning the DK 06 Multi-Dekameter, write Kahl Scientific Instrument Company, P.O. Box 1166, El Cajon, California 92022.