Experimental igneous petrology



Experimentation in all aspects of petrology has increased dramatically in the past four years. To hold the bibliography of U.S. contributions to manageable proportions, the scope of this report has for the most part been arbitrarily confined to studies in which silicate liquids were produced; to determinations of subsolidus relations having a direct bearing on the formation or crystallization of magmas; and to fluid phases coexisting, with melts or with solid phases at high temperatures. The most important casualties of these restrictions are studies of sulfide systems and of low- to intermediate-temperature hydrothermal alteration. Furthermore, no theses or dissertations are cited; and I have omitted the abstracts of oral papers and the contributions to the Carnegie Institution of Washington Yearbook that subsequently have been published in more extended form. It might also be noted that, because of a change in publication date, the contributions to the C.I. W. Yearbook 65 were incorrectly dated 1966 (correct year is 1967) in the previous report [Eugster, 1967]; consequently, only three years of that publication (Yearbooks 66, 1968; 67, 1969; and 68, 1970) need be considered here. Within these limits, the bibliography has been made as complete as possible, but only representative works are cited in the text.