Trace-element studies



Research in the past four years under this omnibus title has covered a whole gamut of investigations from origin of rocks to crust-mantle evolutionary history to cosmological fractionation processes. Two new areas can be added to the list. An extensive amount of trace-element work has been done on the lunar samples. In addition, trace-element studies related to plate tectonics have come into vogue. This short report covering such wide fields can only be cursory at best. The coverage in the bibliography includes references on many trace-element studies in terrestrial materials and meteorites, as well as the trace-element studies on lunar samples, for completeness. However, since studies on lunar samples are covered in another report, no discussion in this area is presented here. The bibliography does not include references on rare gases, a serious omission on many counts, and one that ought to be remedied in the future. The bibliography is divided under the topical headings of (1) analytical techniques, (2) alkalis, alkaline earths, uranium, and thorium, (3) rare earth elements, (4) studies related to global tectonics, and (5) other trace-element studies.