Oceanographic micropaleontology



The past 4 years have witnessed an explosive outburst of information in the field of micropaleontology. In general, the descriptive and monographic treatment of Kaunas has given way to analytic and interpretive work. In this brief summary, we shall consider some of the more important contributions made during this period within the various branches of the field.

Perhaps the outstanding event in oceanographic micropaleontology over the past few years was the advent of the Joides Deep-Sea Drilling Project. Phase 2 of this project began in August 1968 when the Glomar Challenger sailed from Galveston, Texas, to Hoboken, New Jersey. The Challenger is currently on cruise 15 in the Caribbean Sea. During the first 13 cruises, 212 holes have been drilled at 134 sites; 1641 cores have penetrated 48,033 feet of deep-sea sediments and hard rock (basalt in most instances).