The problem of groundwater discharge into the seas


  • B. I. Kudelin,

  • I. S. Zektser,

  • A. V. Meskheteli,

  • S. A. Brusilovsky


Introductory Note: The dynamic equilibrium of the various factors involved in the world water balance or budget is the central scientific problem of the International Hydrological Decade. One of the potentially vital elements of the balance is groundwater discharge to the oceans. To paraphrase the authors of the following Russian publication, the world water budget can't be properly balanced, statically or dynamically, until there are improved values for the amount of groundwater that is discharged directly to oceans, seas, and enclosed lakes. The following report, with its bibliography, presents some Russian approaches to the problem and provides a few bits of numerical information.

The report was translated by Frank W. Trainer of the U.S. Geological Survey. The text has been slightly reduced in the interests of saving space but the bibliography is given in full and has been transcribed into more or less standard U.S. Geological Survey bibliographical style.