A new organization, the GARP Task Group, has been established at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) in Boulder, Colorado. NCAR, which is sponsored by the National Science Foundation, is operated by the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. The GARP Task Group was established to strengthen the university community's contribution to the Global Atmospheric Research Program (GARP) by taking on some of the burdens of communications and planning, to promote participation by university scientists in planning and executing GARP experiments, and to provide a focus for the GARP-related activities, both scientific and engineering, already in progress at NCAR. These include research on global atmospheric circulation, convection, and turbulence; the development of mathematical models, data handling techniques, sensing methods, and complex observing systems; participation in large field projects and involvement in national and international planning for GARP. Such NCAR activities make it appropriate that NCAR should participate in GARP and should assume responslbility for providing mechanisms whereby university scientists can become informed about GARP developments and can become involved in GARP and related projects.