International Association of Hydrogeology Meeting: Tokyo, Japan, August 18–21, 1971



More than 300 persons, including more than 160 non-Japanese, registered for the Asian Regional Meeting of the International Association of Hydrogeology Countries represented included Belgium, France, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Iran, Turkey, United Arab Republic, Ethopia, Afghanistan, Ceylon, Nepal India, Republic of China, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, ECAFE, Argentina, the United States, and the host country, Japan

The main emphasis of the program was artificial recharge, hut several papers dealt with groundwater development and the occurrence of groundwater. The meeting consisted of two days of technical papers, a one-day field trip to the experimental groundwater recharge site of the Geological Survey of Japan, and a second day devoted to visiting the manufacturers of pumps, well drilling equipment, and other allied water development and treatment equipment