Solar eclipse


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There will be an eclipse of the sun on Monday, July 10, 1972, with a path of totality passing from northern Alaska southeastward across Canada to Nova Scotia. Much of its path crosses sparsely inhabited parts of Canada, but the province of Prince Edward Island is directly in the path The capital city of Charlottetown is nine miles from the line and will have 128 seconds of totality (compared with a maximum of 156 seconds in the Hudson Bay area).

For this reason the Department of Tourist Development of Prince Edward Island welcomes as many astronomers as possible to be present for this occasion. Plans are underway to build a planetarium on the Island tor the use of visiting scientists, which will remain as a permanent facility after the eclipse. The government of Prince Edward Island is prepared to assist in acquiring hotel reservations and generally expedite all other arrangements for visiting astronomers (although no financialassistance can be offered).