The President's Page: State of the Union


  • Philip H. Abelson


The American Geophysical Union has been one of the most effective of scientific organizations. It has earned and maintained the warm affection of its members, who in turn have served it well. Alert to new trends and flexible, the Union has accommodated and welcomed new developing subdisciplines while ministering to the needs of established fields.

Holding the Union together has been no small task. In any scientific organization there are splitters and uniters, and all too often the splitters go their way. The Union has been fortunate in producing leaders who have worked patiently and skillfully for the common good. In their efforts they have had favorable factors working for them. Geophysics has been an exciting, evolving science with interesting new developments occurring frequently. The activities of the various Sections and the interests of geophysicists overlap in many ways. From the standpoint of intellectual content and economy of effort, an umbrella organization for all aspects of geophysics makes good sense. Other factors tending to strengthen the Union have included its organizational structure and modes of operation.