Fifty-Third Annual Meeting 1972


  • Anonymous


The Fifty-Third Annual Meeting was held on April 17–21, 1972, at the Sheraton-Park Hotel, in Washington, D.C. Total registration was 2384, including 1594 members, 295 student members and 495 nonmembers. This registration was just short of last year's total of 2504.

During the five-day meeting 101 invited papers and 1093 contributed papers were scheduled to be given in a total of 100 scientific sessions. This is the same total number of papers as given in 1971 and m11% fewer than the all-time high of 1230 papers given at the Golden Anniversary Meeting in 1969. Thus it appears that the Annual Meeting has remained on a plateau that contrasts sharply with the rapid growth experienced between 1965 and 1969.