Snow and ice management—An AWRA symposium session


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The USNC/IHD Work Group on Snow and Ice, in cooperation with the American Water Resources Association (AWRA), sponsored a session on Snow and Ice Management as part of the AWRA Symposium on Watersheds in Transition, held at Colorado State University (CSU).

James R. Meiman, of the CSU Department of Watershed Sciences, summed up the well-presented papers and stimulating discussion in the following way: (1) ‘We have the bag of tools’ to manage snow and ice in many regions; (2) There are many constraints on the application of knowledge to manage snow and ice on the watersheds for hydrological purposes, and many of these constraints result from the interests of parties who wish to use the watershed for other than water yield; (3) Techniques for prediction of the results of snow-and-ice management practices have been successful in restricted areas and are ready to be used and tested in larger ones; (4) It is now necessary to consider the effects of management for water yield in conjunction with management for other purposes so as to develop an understanding of their compatibility; and (5) The techniques developed for management of snow and ice for water yield should now be considered for use in their management for other purposes such as recreation, wildlife conservation, and transportation.