The European Geophysical Society


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Since the European Earth and Planetary Physics Colloquium (EEPPC) was held at the University of Reading, England, in April 1971, investigations have been made on a multinational basis to establish the practicability of forming a European Geophysical Society (EGS) in response to the following resolutions (1–3) adopted at the Reading meeting.

1. An Association of European Geophysicists should be established with individual membership making small annual subscriptions to meet the cost of producing and distributing an information sheet on future colloquia.

2. The main activity of the Association shall be to promote the continuation of the European Earth and Planetary Physics Colloquia on an annual basis.

3. The practical implementation of the above resolutions shall initially be the responsibility of an Executive Committee, the members of which will be determined after consultations with representatives in the concerned countries of Europe.