The Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics (JILA) is devoted to research, study, and teaching in theoretical astrophysics, low-energy atomic physics, and other closely related areas. Primary interest now is in the areas of stellar atmospheres, solar physics, stellar stability and the interstellar medium, atomic and molecular collisions, spectroscopy and spectral line broading, and laser physics. Laboratory and theoretical studies conducted at JILA often complement results obtained by observational programs at astronomical and space research facilities.

To enable persons actively contributing to these fields to come to the Institute to continue their studies and research, JILA operates a Visiting Scientists Program. In addition to provision of certain facilities to visitors with independent financial support, approximately seven stipends are available each year for Visiting Fellowships. The Visiting Fellowships are normally awarded to scientists with extensive research experience beyond the doctoral degree. An additional Visiting Fellowship in the field of space physics, jointly sponsored by JILA and the University of Colorado's Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, is available.