AAAS Symposium on Sea and Its Resources


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The American Association for the Advancement of Science will sponsor a symposium on the Sea and Its Resources to be held in Mexico City on June 25–28, 1973. The resources of the sea represent a significant potential for the future of mankind. The symposium will try to identify these resources more completely and to determine how they can be used wisely.

Topics to be discussed at the symposium include: coastal zone resources and their management; ocean effects on weather and climate; nonrenewable resources; living resources; ocean affairs; coastal zone resources and their management; characteristics and uses of coastal zone; mineral resources (oil, salt, sulfur, etc.); biological resources (fishing, aquaculture, etc.); pollution and impact on resources; management and allocation of coastal resources; ocean effects on weather and climate; long range impact on weather and climate; severe storms; small scale air-sea interactions; GATE (GARP Atlantic Tropical Experiment); satellite surveillance of ocean and weather; numerical modeling of coupled airsea systems; non-renewable resources; information resources of the sea floor: paleoenvironmental data and investigation regarding the search for non-renewable resources; shelf exploration—geophysics/shallow exploratory drilling/sampling history, development and trends; sea floor minerals—investigations, resources, exploitation—future; subsurface resources—petroleum, gas, sulfur, other chemical deposits; deep sea drilling program results as related to resources; technology of subsea mineral exploitation; living resources; the living resources in the seas around the Americas; conventional and unconventional methods of assessment of living resources; management of living resources; management of living resources—case histories; pelagic resources, deep, medium, and shallow depths; new technologies for the use of living resources from the sea, both conventional and unconventional; ocean affairs; conduct and management of ocean research; development of oceanographic capabilities; international cooperation in ocean science; and oceanography and the development of living resources.