Short Course on Water Resources Syste


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A one-week short course for engineers and public officials interested in Water Resources Systems will be held May 21–25, 1973, in Cleveland, Ohio. The course, Hierarchical Approach in the Planning, Operation, and Management of Water Resources Systems, will be cosponsored by the American Water Resources Association in cooperation with the AGU Section of Hydrology.

The purpose of the course will be to present a comprehensive survey of the applications of the hierarchical approach to large complex water resources systems. In particular, the course will discuss the applications of decomposition and multilevel optimization techniques to multiobjective functions in water resources, multiregional conjunctive use of groundwater and surface water resources, modeling and identification in water resources, regional management of complex multiple purpose water resource and hydrologic systems, regional water quality control and management, flood control analysis, and recent research results and applications in current literature.