IUCRM Colloquim on the Fine Scale Structure of Precipitation and EIVI Propagation


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The Inter-Union Commission of Radio Meteorology will hold a colloquium on the Fine Scale Structure of Precipitation and Electromagnetic Propagation. The colloquium will be held from October 23 to 31, 1973, at the Observatoire de Nice. The purpose of this colloquium is to study the fine-scale structure of precipitation, how this structure relates to characteristics and problems of electromagnetic wave propagation, and to learn more about the detailed vertical and horizontal structure of storms.

Key topics will be introduced by review papers which will be prepared and presented by invited speakers. Generally the topics of the review papers will form the basis for the scientific sessions which follow the presentation of all the review papers. The scientific sessions will stress the presentation of recent research results which are germane to the subject of the colloquium.