Specht Memorial Prize


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Tatsch Associates, Sudbury, Massachusetts, has announced the establishment of an annual prize of $500 for the best paper on any aspect of a new concept for the origin, evolution, and present characteristics of the earth's internal behavior. This new concept, known as a ‘tectonospheric earth model,’ is described in the book, The Earth's Tectonosphere: Its Past Development and Present Behavior, by J. H. Tatsch (see review in November 1972 EOS).

Closing date for the submission of entries will be October 15 of each year, beginning in 1973. Entries may be written in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, or Spanish. They may be pro or con, that is, they may be written either in support or in refutation of any of the geometrical, mechanical, thermal, or chemical aspects of the tectonospheric earth model. Further details are available from Tatsch Associates, 120 Thunder Road, Sudbury, Massachusetts 01776.