Apollo 17 results


  • A. Edward Bence


The Special Sessions on Apollo 17 were among the high points of the Fifty-Fourth Annual Meeting. The presence of geologist-astronaut Harrison H. (Jack) Schmitt during the discussions provided participants with the unique opportunity of having direct feedback and observations from one of the Apollo 17 crew members— the only member of AGU who has been to the moon. The rationale for holding these sessions, which were cosponsored by the Section of Volcanology, Geochemistry, and Petrology and Planetology, was to provide a forum for the discussion of pre- and postmission questions that arose in connection with the geology of the landing site. The emphasis in this case was on discussion, since the lack of it was a major shortcoming of the Apollo 17 session at the Lunar Science Conference held in early March at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. Participants in the sessions were asked to submit extended abstracts prior to their presentations. These abstracts are published on the following pages and represent the first extensive publication of results from Apollo 17.