AIAA-AGU Space Science Conference


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The American Geophysical Union and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics will be the cosponsors of the AIAA-AGU Space Science Conference: Exploration of the Outer Solar System. The conference will be held at the Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, Colorado, July 10–12, 1973. The General Chairman of the Conference is S. I. Rasool, NASA Headquarters, and the Technical Program Chairman is Rolf Faye-Petersen, Martin Marietta Corporation.

There are six technical sessions planned for the meeting. They will include two sessions entitled Interplanetary and Interstellar Media, chaired by Eugene W. Greenstadt (TRW) and W. I. Axford (University of California at San Diego); one session on Planetary Physics, chaired by James W. Warwich (University of Colorado); two sessions on Solar System Bodies entitled Planetary Atmosphere chaired by Gary E. Thomas (University of Colorado), Comets and Satellites chaired by Charles Lillie (University of Colorado); half sessions entitled Formation and Composition (Solar System Bodies) and Space Research Priorities chaired by Donald G. Rea (Jet Propulsion Laboratory).