Seventh International Conference on Water Pollution Research


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The International Association on Water Pollution Research will hold its Seventh International Conference September 9–13, 1974, at the Centre International de Paris. The program will consist of technical sessions for the presentation and discussion of original research and development papers on all of marine freshwater pollution and wastewater treatment; workshop sessions; visits to modern treatment plants, and research institutes and postconference technical tours.

Papers may be submitted on the following topics: water quality standards; chemical and biological methodology; legal, administrative problems, river basin management; financing of pollution control authorities; disposal of organic and inorganic sludge; sewerage, aerobic treatment and aeration; anaerobic biological treatment; estuarine analysis and marine environment; tertiary treatment methods; eutrophication; stream analysis and river pollution consideration; fish studies; physical and chemical treatment of municipal and industrial wastewaters; industrial waste treatment; virus methodology and technology; and problems of developing countries and arid zones.