Power production in the Soviet Union


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A recent agreement between the United States American Association for the Advancement of Science and Russia's All-Union Society Fuaniye established an exchange of four scientists for lecture tours in the other nation. One of the first Russians to arrive gave an assessment of Russian energy resources and power production to an audience at the University of Maryland. Academician V. I. Popkov, laboratory director of the Krzhizhanovskiy Power Institute, first surveyed the Russian share of the world's energy resources: 54% of the coal, 61% of the peat, 40% of the natural gas, 37% of the oil, and 25% of the hydroelectric resources (in economic terms). Russian energy production is predicted to shift increasingly away from coal to gas and oil. Coal was some 59% of the production source in 1960, while gas and oil were 37%; these ratios are predicted t o be 31% and 67%, respectively, in 1975. As a result, the 67,000 km of pipeline existence in 1970 would increase by 50% by 1975.