Conference on Gulf of California Planned


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A Penrose Conference on The Implications of the Gulf of California Rift System for the Tectonics of Western North America, is being convened by Wilfred Elders and Shawn Biehler at Lake Arrowhead, in the San Bernardino Mountains of southern California, June 16–21, 1974.

Discussion will focus on the transition from divergent to transform plate boundaries as exemplified by this part of the western edge of the North American plate. In the Gulf of California and its landward extension, the Salton trough, the San Andreas fault system, a strike-slip system affecting continental crust, joins the East Pacific rise, a spreading system within oceanic crust. The conference will permit confrontation hopefully leading to integration, between land-based geological and geophysical studies of the southern San Andreas fault system and the Salton trough with complementary marine geophysical and geological investigations of the Gulf of California and the adjacent East Pacific rise.