Macquarie University introduces new courses for the minerals industry


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Macquarie University will introduce two new developments in 1974 for students planning to work in the minerals industry. One is a minerals industry specialization within the existing diploma and master's programs in business administration, and the other is a diploma of geoscience. The new programs will be sponsored by the School of Earth Sciences and the business administration staff in the School of Economic and Financial Studies.

A development in the area of advanced education for the mining and petroleum industries is the introduction of a diploma of geoscience by the School of Earth Sciences, which will include strands in mineral exploration and exploration geophysics. Intended to bring the recent graduate to professional level and to provide a means of continuing education for the active specialist, the programs are under the supervision of Peter F. Howard and K. Vozoff. Both have extensive practical exploration experience and are assisted by the largest geology and geophysics staffs of any Australian university. The program will include an advanced interdisciplinary seminar on the Economics and Finance of the Minerals Industry, which will emphasize discussions with leading mineral industry executives. The diploma augments the present honors and graduate programs in geology and geophysics.