International Symposium on Lake Hydrology


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Approximately 200 engineers and scientists from 35 countries attended the International Symposium on the Hydrology of Lakes held at Helsinki, Finland, July 23–27, 1973. The symposium was sponsored by Unesco, World Meteorological Organization, and the International Association of Hydrological Sciences. It was organized within the framework of the International Hydrological Decade by the Finnish National Committee for the IHD and the Finnish National Committee for IAHS.

All papers sessions were held at the Dipbli Congress Hall on the Otaniemi campus of the University of Helsinki. Eighty-seven papers were scheduled for presentation concerning physiography, water balance, hydrometeorology, hydraulics, sedimentation, and water management. Of the 87 papers listed on the program, 26 were not presented. Three of the papers were presented in French and the rest in English. Only four papers were presented by U.S. authors. Each half-day technical session had a chairman and a general reporter, the latter having responsibility for presenting a summary paper on the main topic of the subsequent group of papers. William C. Ackermann, Director of the Illinois Water Survey, served as one of the general reporters, presenting a summary on water management for lakes.