Institute offers advanced study of atmospheres


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Scientists from five European countries, England, Canada, and the United States have organized a Summer Advanced Institute on Physics and Chemistry of Atmospheres to be held July 29–August, 9, 1974, at the University of Liège, Belgium. The institute is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, the Defense Nuclear Agency, and Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory.

The purpose of the institute is to present and adequately discuss experimental and theoretical results of current research and to help educate graduate and postdoctoral students and new researchers in the physical and chemical phenomena of atmospheres. The two-week institute will offer about 40 one-hour lecture periods, with adequate time for discussions, in which attention will be focused on multidisciplinary research bearing on important problems of the future and the identification of significant areas of agreement and disagreement. Courses will include structure and composition of the atmosphere, experimental measurements in the atmosphere and interpretation, physical processes, laboratory measurements of relevant rate coefficients, and atmospheres of other planets.