Short course offered on Global Tectonics, California, and Petroleum Exploration


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The San Joaquin Geological Society will sponsor a short course on Global Tectonics, California, and Petroleum Exploration to be held February 22–23, 1974, in Bakersfield, California. Speakers will be Gregory A. Davis, William R. Dickinson, W.G. Ernst, Eldridge Moores, and Eli A. Silver. The topics will include the following: geometry of plate tectonics, geologic implications of plate tectonics, structural development of rifted continental margins, ophiolites and oceanic crust, arcs and subduction zones, basin development along translational continental margins, plate tectonics and orogenic structures, plate tectonics and ore deposits, plate tectonics and sedimentary basins, pre-Mesozoic history of California and the west, Mesozic framework of California, evolution of the San Andreas fault system, paleogeographic implications of plate tectonics, diagenetic environments along continental margins, and plate tectonics and migration of petroleum.