Highlights of the Council Meeting, April 7, 1974


  • Anonymous


At its meeting on April 7, 1974, the AGU council considered a variety of new programs and took several actions of substantial significance for the next year.

It was necessary either to increase income or to reduce expenses in 1975. The first alternatives discussed were (1) increasing member dues and (2) reducing the amount of material published and altering the publication option allowed under the present dues arrangement. Since it was felt that an increase in dues beyond $20 was undesirable, and since the reduction in published material required by alternative two would have been too great, a third alternative was adopted: In 1975, members will receive EOS; will be accorded all the customary membership privileges, such as reduced meeting registration fees and the right to submit their papers for consideration; and will have the right to subscribe at member rates to the other AGU publications. There will be no publication option allowed under the basic dues payment. The member rate for each journal, instead of being set at a flat amount as in the past, will reflect the cost of publication. It is expected that the member subscription rates will range between $5.00 and $20.00. If we relate the charge for journals to the cost of service, the election of members to take or not to take a journal will not affect the budget, since income will balance expense.