International Symposium on Hydrological Characteristics of River Basins


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Papers are solicited for U.S. participation in an International Symposium on Hydrological Characteristics of River Basins. Sponsored by the International Association of Hydrological Sciences (IAHS) and organized by the Science Council of Japan, the symposium will be held December 1–8, 1975, at the Tokyo Prince Hotel, Tokyo, Japan.

The symposium aims are to summarize research results on representative and experimental basins obtained during the International Hydrological Decade and will serve as a forum for exchange of ideas and information on better water management of river basins. In addition to new ideas, concepts, and methods related to research studies, the program will include discussions of changes in the hydrological cycle as influenced by man's activities on water catchments, agricultural land, and urban areas, and changes in hydrological conditions caused by civil engineering works. Two-day and three-day study tours are scheduled for immediately after the meeting.