Resolutions adopted at ICSU General Assembly


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At its Fifteenth General Assembly, held in Istanbul, Turkey, September 23–26, 1974, the International Council of Scientific Unions adopted sixteen resolutions and recommendations, including those quoted below.

“The Fifteenth General Assembly ”Considering(l) the progress made in the field on lunar and planetary research by scientists of different disciplines and (2) the desirability to avoid duplication of scientific activities and meetings of the various bodies of ICSU in this field,

Recommends that (1) the IUCM be dissolved in September 1975 and (2) an ad hoc committee be formed of representatives of IAU, IUGG, IUGS, URSI, IUCr, and COSPAR to discuss the formation of an interunion commission for the moon and planets and define its terms of reference, to be submitted for approval at the 1975 meeting of the General Committee.