End-of-Decade Conference emphasizes education as top priority for future programs



The International Conference on the Results of the International Hydrological Decade and on Future Programs in Hydrology (the End-of-Decade Conference) praised the IHD for its accomplishments, noted areas in which continuing improve ment is needed, and recommended that the highest priority in the program for hydrology in Unesco during the next six years be given to the educational and training needs of developing countries.

Thus the End-of-Decade Conference, which met at Unesco House, modified the priorities of the original plan for the International Hydrological Program of Unesco. Scientific advancement had been given the highest priority among six objectives in the original plan. The rationale for the change was based on the conference's assessment of the needs of developing countries. The consensus was that clearly the most pressing requirement of these countries in advancing their hydrological capabilities is for accelerated activities in education and training.