Seventh GEOP research conference report


  • G. C. Dohler,

  • Pliny Gale,

  • Ivan I. Mueller,

  • R. B. Perry,

  • J. F. Poland


The seventh GEOP (Geodesy/Earth and Ocean Physics) Research Conference, on Coastal Problems Related to Water Level, was held June 6–7, 1974, at the Ohio State University and was attended by 64 persons. On behalf of the GEOP Steering Committee the conference was opened by Hyman Orlin (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration/National Ocean Survey), program chairman, who, in his introductory remarks, brought out the fact that a rational coastal zone management must be based on an adequate knowledge of the environment and the natural processes active in altering this environment. Knowledge of the environment involves data gathering and data presentation; knowledge of environmental processes involves an analysis of recent and historic data. This latter information leads to a model for forecasting the future state of the environment, which is the cornerstone of coastal zone management.