COSPAR Eighteenth Plenary Meeting and Symposia


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The Eighteenth Plenary Meeting of COSPAR and Associated Symposia will be held May 29–June7, 1975, in the Palace of Culture and Sports, Varna, People's Republic of Bulgaria. Accommodations for the participants will be in Golden Sands on the coast of the Black Sea some 18 km from Varna.

From May 29 through May 31, symposia will be held on the following: (1) Fast Transients in X- and Gamma-Rays, (2) Results From Coordinated Upper Atmosphere Measurement Programs, and (3) Gravitational Physiology. Plenary and working group meetings (open except for business meetings) will be held Monday, June 2, through June 6. A final business plenary session on June 7 will close the meeting.