Lithospheric seismic profile undertaken in Britain


  • David Bamford


A major deep seismic sounding experiment is being carried out in the British Isles as a cooperative effort of groups in Germany (Geophysikalisches Institut der Universitaet Karlsruhe) and the United Kingdom (I.G.S. Seismology Unit, Edinburgh, and the Department of Geology with Geophysics, University of Birmingham.)

Now known simply as LISPB (Lithospheric Seismic Profile in Britain), the project was first proposed during the 1972 European Seismological Commission (ESC) meeting in Brasov as a result of discussions of recent French, German, and Swiss seismic studies—in particular, the 1000-km Brest-Toulon profile (see Zeitschrift Fuer Geophysik, vol. 39, p. 363, 1973). A seven-member working group was formed from the three participating institutions. This group has since met several times—for example, during the 1973 meeting in Zurich of the European Geophysical Society (EGS)—to organize the experiment. Minor parts of the program were completed during August and December 1973; the main program was carried out in July and August 1974.