U.S. national committee holds fifteenth meeting



At its fifteenth meeting the U.S. National Committee for the IHD, under the chairmanship of H. Garland Hershey, approved four reports for publication. These comprise the final reports of the USNC/IHD Work Groups on Nuclear Techniques in Hydrology, Representative and Experimental Basins, and Education and Training as well as part 2 of the final report of the U.S. National Committee, Catalog of U.S. Contributions to the IHD.

The national committee also pressed for National Research Council approval for the establishment of a Committee on Water. The primary purpose of the proposed Committee on Water would be to provide a ‘watchdog’ or ‘early alert’ regarding the scientific base for utilization of water in connection with national programs dealing with energy, pollution, environmental concerns, and similar matters. The proposal for the Committee on Water is now in the final stages of review and revision.